The Main Theme of the conference will be Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the cross-cutting issues under each sub-theme . The sub themes will focus on the following areas

There are many building blocks to a successful blue economy. This Conference covers a wide range of topics under its central theme:

  • Delivering on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by transitioning to a blue economy that is inclusive, sustainable and prosperous.

The Conference will cover these key areas of focus:

  • Building safe and resilient communities
  • Ensuring healthy and productive waters
  • Creating economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable
  • Engaging and mobilizing for change

Cross-cutting themes include:

  • New technologies and innovations
  • Priorities and partnerships
  • Financing the blue economy
  • Women, youth and the blue economy .


The Conference is organized around 9 sub-themes. Each sub-theme will have plenaries, expert panels, seminars, side events and exhibits. Full details will be provided in the Conference program when available.

We have grouped these sub-themes under the three pillars of the blue economy – economic, environmental and social – with some sub-themes appearing under more than one pillar.


  • Transportation and global connectivity
  • Cities, tourism and the blue economy
  • Ending hunger and securing food suppli
  • Employment and poverty eradication
  • Energy, mineral resources and sustainable development


  • Climate action and pollution-free oceans
  • Managing and sustaining marine life
  • Maritime security and enforcement


  • People, communities and societies – the inclusive blue economy
  • Employment and poverty eradication
  • Ending hunger and securing food supplies

Blue Economy Conference


Thematic Areas