Science and Research Forum

More science for the blue economy

Join over 400 scientific and academic professionals at the conference’s Science and Research Forum, taking place over 3 days at the University of Nairobi from November 26 to 28, 2018. Scientists and researchers from around the world will lead and participate in sessions on the forum’s theme, ‘More science for the blue economy,’ on these key topics:

  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Climate action resilience
  • Global connectivity and transportation
  • The blue economy and sustainable cities

If you’d like to attend this forum, register online and check the box for the Science and Research Forum.

Participants will:

  • discuss critical scientific and research topics
  • share new and cutting edge technological advances
  • examine the potential contributions of academic and research institutions to support the blue economy
The forum will include keynote speakers, panels, breakout sessions with speakers and discussions, and an exhibition showcasing research posters, leading technologies, products and equipment. We will be posting the agenda shortly.

About the Science and Research Forum


Form new networks

  • international and Kenyan academic and research institutions
  • international and regional organizations
  • industry and private sector
  • United Nations agencies and development partners
  • non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations

Present your research at the forum

Our goal is to ensure that as many interested speakers from as many corners of the
globe are given a chance to present their research at the forum.

We’re looking for presentations on the blue economy research themes:

  • sustainable use of resources
  • climate action resilience
  • global connectivity and transportation
  • blue economy and sustainable cities

We’re also looking for presentations on developing the necessary human resource capacities for the sustainable blue economy, including research, innovation, technology and green shipping.

Full details on submitting your abstract are outlined in About the Science and Research Forum.

If you’d like to present your research paper at the forum, submit your abstract by October 20, 2018, to:

We’ll send email confirmations by November 10, 2018.

Be part of the forum’s exhibition

Showcase your research poster, innovative technologies, products and equipment at the forum’s exhibition. Full details are outlined in About the Science and Research Forum.

If you’d like to be part of the exhibition, contact us by October 20, 2018 at:

We’ll send email confirmations by November 10, 2018.