The Blue Economy Conference

Registration of Participants

All participants (including service providers) attending the High-Level Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (SBEC) must register online and be accredited with the SBEC Secretariat for access into the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC ) and meeting rooms.

The Government of Kenya has created a dedicated website with an online registration and accreditation portal or directly through The system will capture the bio data of participants, including their passport size photographs and copies of identification documents used to register (National Identification Card for Kenyan nationals and Passport for international participants).

Registration for the Conference is not open to the general public. Individuals wishing to participate in the conference must apply through the Conference Secretariat while participants representing countries or International/Regional Organizations and other entities shall designate in writing (Note-Verbale or formal letter), a Delegation Coordinator (DC).

The DC or his/her appointee shall be responsible for the registration of participants, including the collection of the badges and vehicle passes on behalf of the delegation. Delegations are required to notify the Secretariat of the name and contact details of the designated DC at the earliest opportunity and not later than 30th August 2018. The DC shall in turn be given a username and a password to register the participants.

The DCs of the participating State or International/Regional Organization/ recognized entity are charged with the responsibility of identification and registration of their respective nationals/participants, including government officials and non-State Actors such as Private Sector Representatives. Civil Society Organizations and Foundations should also forward the name of their DC who will register all their participants.

The DCs are required to forward their delegation lists under the cover of a Note-Verbale, or official letter from the respective organization not later than 30th September 2018. Each DC should ensure the delegation list(s) sent by the Note-Verbale/official letter matches the details captured by the online registration system.In order to facilitate the smooth processing of the badges, DCs will be required to input the delegation list in the format below when submitting the Note-Verbale/official letter.

Due to limitation of numbers during the official opening and closing ceremonies, restricted overlay passes will be issued to each DC, that is, 1+3 for every State and 1+1 for invited organizations.

Registration of and Access by Motor Vehicles

There shall be restricted access to the Conference venue. Access into the conference Red Zone shall be restricted to officially registered and accredited vehicles and drivers. done using the SBEC website by the same aforementioned Delegation Coordinators.

Only motor vehicles assigned to Heads of Delegation shall be allowed access into the Conference venue (KICC) and will be parked at designated parking spots. The vehicle passes will be collected by the respective DCs or their appointees

Media Accreditation

All journalists intending to cover SBEC must be duly registered, accredited and must obtain a secondary badge from the Press Liaison Office at the International Media Centre (IMC) for access to some events. Details on registration/accreditation and other media arrangements are contained in the media handbook, an abridged version of which will be posted on the website.

All media will be allowed to cover the opening session of the conference, and the Business forum. However, due to the limited space available and for security reasons, only one Host Broadcaster, Host Photographers, Official Photographers shall access the official sessions.

The Government of Kenya reserves the right to vet all media equipment that will be used to cover the conference; specifically cameras, and microphones.

The use of drone cameras during the conference is expressly prohibited.

Accreditation Centre

The Accreditation Centre will be located inside the Charter Hall of the Nairobi City County Headquarters, directly opposite the main entrance to the KICC. The contact address for the centre is as indicated here below:

Charter HallNairobi City

CountyCity Hall Way ,
Tel: +254795744357 or +254795744354 (Active from 16–28 November 2018)

Email: :

The Accreditation Centre will be open for the issuance of access badges from 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs from 16th – 28th November 2018.