Governors and Mayors Convention

Water-facing cities and towns play a crucial role in the blue economy

Join hundreds of governors, mayors and local governments of water-facing cities and towns at the conference’s Governors and Mayors Convention on November 27, 2108.

Together, you will explore the connection between urban development of our coasts and the impacts on the marine environment.

You will also learn about ways to ensure development is sustainable and of benefit to all.

If you’d like to attend this convention, register online and check the box for Governors and Mayors Convention.

You will learn about:

  • building better and more sustainable coastal towns and cities around the blue economy
  • financing and investments in the blue economy
  • new and emerging technologies and innovations to help accelerate
    sustainable development
  • energy production and lighting the cities of the future
  • coastal cities and climate change
  • waste management and turning dead zones to clean zones
  • harnessing tourism for economic growth

About the Governors and Mayors Convention


Tentative program for the Governors and Mayors Convention

Form new partnerships

This convention has built-in opportunities to connect and partner with:

  • governors and mayors
  • ministers of oceans and seas, environment, agriculture, fisheries, tourism
  • youth groups
  • the private sector
  • United Nations agencies
  • civil society organizations