Theme: Employment, job creation and poverty eradication


Creating economic growth that is inclusive & sustainable

The blue economy creates employment opportunities across a variety of maritime industries, contributing $1.5 trillion USD to the global economy. It has become increasingly important to ensure jobs are created with sustainability and equality in mind.

Governments, businesses and other organizations will learn strategies to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly jobs in blue economy sectors. Discussions will also focus on gender equality in maritime sectors and the need to include the leadership, talent and valuable skills of female staff, who are currently underrepresented in the field.

Participants will discover:

  • How to promote gender equality in blue economy industries 
  • How to address hiring and training for technical positions 
  • The importance of Indigenous knowledge in sustainable planning 
  • How to balance the jobs needs of current and future generations 
  • How to create sustainable, high-quality jobs in the blue economy 
  • What employment opportunities exist in marine conservation and management, and how to promote them

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Employment, job creation and poverty eradication