Theme: Cities, tourism, resilient coasts and infrastructure


Building safe & resilient communities

Three quarters of all large cities in the world are located along coasts, and as the global population increases, so too will the size of these cities. New investments in infrastructure and job creation will be needed to keep up with such rapid growth and resource consumption.

By assessing the impacts of high populations on the environment, we can ensure that we develop our coasts sustainably. A crucial part of the blue economy is to develop policies to protect these areas from extreme weather conditions and the effects of climate change.

Participants will discover:

  • Planning for climate change impacts on oceans and coasts
  • Stimulating private investment in blue economy infrastructure
  • How the development of coastal cities will affect different groups in society, such as women, and how to involve them in the planning process
  • Assessing the impact of urbanization and tourism on the environment
  • How waste management can affect the ecosystem
  • Creating legal practical solutions to urbanization challenges

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Cities, tourism, resilient coasts and infrastructure