Business Forum

Investing in the blue economy

Join hundreds of businesses, governments and financial institutions at the conference’s Business Forum on November 27 to learn about the enormous investment potential of the blue economy.

Business leaders and renowned experts from around the world will lead sessions on the forum’s main theme – “Investing in the blue economy: promoting responsible and sustainable business practices”.

If you’d like to attend this forum, register online and check the box for the Business Forum.

You will learn about:

  • investing in the blue economy, from tourism, maritime transport, aquaculture to renewable energies
  • innovative financing for the blue economy, such as “green bonds”
  • how to build economic growth that is sustainable

About the Business Forum


Draft Agenda – Business Forum


Form new partnerships

The Business Forum has built-in opportunities to network and connect with:

  • international business leaders
  • government officials
  • financial institutions

Showcase your organization at the conference exhibition

Connect with over 4,000 conference participants by profiling your organization at the conference exhibition – a blue economy showcase of trade, science and technology, investment and tourism.

Hundreds of companies will showcase their products, technologies and services during the conference from November 25 to 28. Governments and international institutions will showcase their economic development and financing programs.

Secure a spot for your organization to:

  • connect with potential buyers or backers for your products and services
  • discover new products and services to expand your business