The blue economy:

Prosperous. Inclusive. Sustainable.

First global conference on the sustainable blue economy.

Using resources sustainably – the Kengen Geothermal Plant.

Helping the world harness its blue potential.

Improving the lives of women and girls.

Delivering on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Be part of it.

About the Conference

About the Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 18,000 participants from around the world are coming together to learn how to build a blue economy that:

  • Harnesses the potential of our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers to improve the lives of all, particularly people in developing states, women, youth and Indigenous peoples
  • Leverages the latest innovations, scientific advances and best practices to build prosperity while conserving our waters for future generations









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The Theme:

The blue economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


All ThemesMain Theme

Creating economic growth that is inclusive & sustainable


Ensuring healthy and productive waters


Building safe & resilient communities



High-level meetings, plenaries, expert panels, side events, exhibits, forums and more.


Transitioning to a true blue economy is not a solo act. It requires partnerships around the world. To deliver this conference and ensure developing states can participate, the Government of Kenya is partnering with:

Kenya – Host

Canada – Co-Host

Japan – Co-Host

See our impressive list of sponsors from around the world.


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